Akashic Readimg of Your Highest Path of 2023

Akashic Reading of Your Highest Path of 2023

 1h Channelled Reading of the Akashic Records


In this reading we look at the highest path for you in 2023. What is the most beneficial step for you to take in this new year for your highest path of expansion of light, prosperity, growth, love and a clear sense of purpose in your life?

It could for example be a new area of study, new ways of expressing yourself, possible manifestation, new connections or relations, or to take action of some sort. The options are many and the purpose of this reading is to gain a clear direction for this new year of that one step that leads to your highest wellbeing, happiness and sense of fulfilment. It is the clear guidance of your highest choice and way forward in the year to come.

This reading is channelled in writing during 1 hour. It holds clear information regarding one area of what is your highest direction forward in 2023. The channelled text of the Akashic Records is sent to your email afterwards. It is available until January 20th 2023. 

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