The Work of Light of All

The Work of Light of All is the clear work of light of The Mahatma and The Ashrams of The Rays of Light of this planetary system, in collaboration with me, Ana Melkizedek, as a clear channel. These structures of work provide clear opportunity to reach your soul's presence and comprehension, and the connections to the clear levels beyond earth and earthly structures.

This work only provides one thing: the next clear step in each connection of truth, and this connection is held in each session, providing you with your next stage of clear evolution, or the next step of your soul's Divine Plan.

This work is for all on all stages. Although, work on higher and clear levels requires certain intentions to be clear in each student, in order to be granted access to those specific studies.

This work provides, in time and with regular connections, the purpose, intention and true connection of each level of consciousness for each student. We look clearly at your held level of light or consciousness, your connected mission of your soul through all time of earth, and your mission in this life or incarnation. We provide each step needed, specifically for you, your place and your connected task and level. Each clear step is provided. Together we gain your highest level of truth, consciousness, clarity and clear comprehension of each level, so that you can assist earth and humans through your gained presence of light.

This work is not for you - it is not for self. This work is for all. It is the Work of Light of All, meaning that the purpose is for us to become clear and of truth, and to be of clear assistance through our presence, in the great Work of Light of All through this universe.

You are welcome to connect to us and to join us in this work.

The Mahatma - The Ashrams of The Rays of Light - Ana Melkizedek

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