Akashic Reading of Your Soul Step of 2024

Akashic Records

Written Channelling 2h - € 135

Written channelling/reading from the Akashic Records of 3-4 pages. Time of work 2h.

You receive your written Akashic Reading in your email.

This reading holds the clear information of your highest path of 2024. What step is your highest step, leading to your highest level of wellbeing, light, growth, love and sense of purpose?

This could be information regarding new areas of spiritual studies or other expansion of yourself, your skills and knowledge. It could be about manifestation, connections and relations, or regarding a completely new path to take in life. There are many possibilities, and the purpose of this Akashic Reading is for you to gain the clear guidance of the specific step that leads you to your highest timeline of joy, wellbeing, growth, purpose and abundance in 2024.

This reading is available until January 31 2024.

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