Akashic Reading

The Akashic Records are records or completely clear areas of completely clear information regarding all of this universe through all time and through all existence - past, present and future existence - of all within this universal space. 

The purpose of this work is to gain completely clear knowledge of the structure of all things, and to understand all purpose within all we see, feel and experience. In gaining this information, we will gain clarity within that area or topic, and when we do, this area is clear, i.e held in complete love and light. It is a great tool of all work of clearing, since the reward or gain of clarity is instant with the connection of each question. 

All souls hold their own space within these areas of information or records, regarding their personal and eternal evolution, and all that is held and will be held, according to the choices made by each soul through this eternal process. During an Akashic Reading I channel the information of your space within the Records - your Akashic Records. Through this work your record will be reached and looked at, your perfectly planned Divine Plan and personal choices will be seen, including clear structures, cause, reason, effect and purpose regarding each topic. 

So the question really is this: what is the perfect question for me at this time, in order to gain the perfect, clear answers that bring me into my next clear step? The answer is this: all questions that feel urgent, important and that are strongly felt or on your mind, are great and important questions that will bring clarity. Since what is on your mind is what is urgent, or the next important area to be cleared, or to come into clarity.

An Akashic Reading is often a deeply healing experience through the understanding or given clarity of a question or issue. It brings clear structures regarding that topic, but also techniques and keys to reach solutions and progress. But each connection to the Akasha also brings you into higher levels of vibration and consciousness, since it works as a portal of healing and light. It is a beautiful tool to use to proceed in the work of the soul. Gaining clear understanding, insight and knowledge, and to reach clear levels of consciousness.

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Akashic Reading of Your Higher or Greater Mission

Channeled Reading of

The Akashic Records

6h - €390

The Reading is a total of 6h.

Akashic Reading channeled into written text done beforehand - 3h and a booked 1:1 session over FaceTime to go through the channeling - 3h, plus typing and receiving of the Akashic Reading via email afterwards.

The Akashic Reading of Your Higher or Greater Mission is a reading that holds all information needed regarding your soul's clearly planned steps of this incarnation, and how it is connected to your soul's purpose through all time of earth, and to this particular step or moment in your time of evolution or journey. It is the clearly collected information of all you need to see, and how to see and achieve it, within this step of your soul's evolution. It is the clear mission behind the structures of daily life of earth, not always there to be seen or understood, but often felt and longed for by each soul, since this is your plan for this step of your evolution. 

This reading is that plan; what to accomplish in this incarnation and why it should be accomplished, the structures of the tasks of this life, the reason of which we do what we do - because it is held within our soul's vibrational origin of our eternal identity through all time.

This reading brings all clear steps of accomplishing the tasks of this time. The work of your soul will be seen and known, the purpose of it too. You will know clearly your role within the evolution of all within this universe. And when you do, all of life's obstacles become clear in their purpose. Love will appear, not just for yourself, your overall life situation and own role and connected belonging, but love for all will appear. For this reading brings clarity of the purpose of all of life's structures too. This is true evolution for the souls that are ready to accomplish these connections, and all is to be found here in one setting.

During this reading we look at the Soul Mission of this life - what you are meant to accomplish in this incarnation according to the Divine Plan of your Soul, and you will receive clear steps on how to achieve this task and why.

You will understand the structures of human evolution through all incarnations on earth, and what level you hold within that process.

We will also look at the Higher or Greater Mission - the mission of your soul, reached when you step into the clear levels of soul embodiment - unity - at the end of all incarnations of earth.

You get information about the vibrational origin and the qualities of your Soul, why you are here on earth, and about the greater lightwork or projects that your soul is connected to, what Archangels and Ascended Masters are connected to you and to your mission. You will also learn how to develop a connection with them. 

During the reading we work with the areas concerning your Soul Mission - what you are meant to accomplish, but also how to get there - what needs to be cleared in terms of blocks etc. You receive spiritual tools and techniques to resolve these issues in order to achieve your task of this time. 

The channeling is in writing and it is done beforehand. The time of work of the channeling is 3 hours plus time for typing.

During your booked session of 3 hours we will go through this information over FaceTime.

The channeled text of the Akashic Records and the techniques of clear vibrational work will be sent to your email afterwards. 

Akashic Reading - 1 area of focus

Channeled Reading of

The Akashic Records

1,5h - €99

Akashic Reading 1,5h - 1 area of focus of your choice.

The reading is sent to you via e-mail.

This reading is a smaller reading of one specific area or question, and all structures that can be reached at that time regarding that. Often the answer gives clarity regarding a situation's or relation's clear purpose, its held effects or manifestation - experience - at this time, and clear instructions of keys of for instance techniques, in order to reach completely clear levels regarding that area, connection, relation or question of your mind.

This work brings great opportunity to bring clarity into the areas of your mind. What feels important to you to look at? These are the areas to clear at this time. And with this work of an open focus decided by you, you can bring each area of your want into the next clear step, reaching clear evolution with this want of clear connections.

All areas in clarity within our space bring new clarity within our space. All questions on your mind are important questions in need of clarity. If you ask them, then they are in need of clearing or clarity. With this reading all clarity can be gained regarding all that is needed. The question is only: what question is strongly on your mind? Ask this question. This will bring your evolution into the next clear level. This is key, and here is the opportunity to do so.

You as a client decide what area to focus on, or what question to ask. The time spent on writing/channeling this reading is 1,5 hour, and it is then sent to you by email. This reading is a written reading only, and does not include a coaching session afterwards. If you have questions or wish to discuss the information given, there is a coaching session available separately, see below. 

You are most welcome to connect to me about what is possible in terms of questions and areas of work.

Please observe that I will only channel answers about you, and never about anyone else, and not about medical conditions.

The channeled text of the Akashic Records is sent to your email within 10 days.

 Coaching Session

1h - €70

Coaching session

This session is a distance coaching session, an open space for you to get more clarification about information or readings, to ask questions, to share your thoughts and to get more insight on the techniques.

This session is a distance coaching session over FaceTime.

1:1 Free Consultation

Consultation over FaceTime

15 min Free of charge

For new clients only.

As a new client you are welcome to book a consultation session of 15 min over FaceTime, free of charge. During this time you can ask questions and find the process of work suitable for you and the evolution of your soul.