Channelling of the 12th Ray of Light, the Golden Ray, and the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness


Today I wish to share channelled information regarding the 12th Ray of Light, or the Golden Ray as it is called, received through me in my work. These are the words of The Ashram of the 12th Ray, which is the core centre of this vibration. It is channelled through me to you with great love through the Ascended Masters of this Ashram speaking as one voice or unity.

The 12 Ray is present within the Education and Work of the Soul within the Esoteric Tradition into Discipleship for the New Age - the sessions of healing and channelled clear guidance of truth made with The Mahatma and all of the 12 Rays of Light. So this vibration is one step and one presence that we work with within these sessions. You can find more information regarding this work within the segment of the "Work of the Soul", and of course, reach out to me with any questions that you might have.

Now, let's look at the channelled information regarding the 12 Ray of Light and its held step - what we accomplish when connecting to this clear vibration:

This step of the 12th Ray of Light is all about the presence of God or Light. And what is the presence of God or light? It is love, this is it. This is this step and also this clear connection. It is the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness of our inner planes, or our heart centre as humans of earth, and when this is present or in place clearly, we hold all of this earth in clear love within our inner connections. This means that we know the core of all to be the clear presence of godly love. We also know that this is us, in core.

We know how to find this connection even when we are not in it completely, and we also have mastered techniques to direct ourselves, our emotions and thoughts, wants, into that of love. It is not anchored physically, and while on earth it never will be. This is because the love presence of this Golden Ray of Light of God is too clear or too high vibrationally to be able to be held within the physical realms of earth. Physical, as embodied within our outer or physical structures. But when in human life and bodies we can hold this vibration within our mind, direction, want, emotion and emotional expressions. These are vibrational forms, this is why. And when this Ray is anchored, then we are that of Christ of our inner planes of earth, i.e we hold the Christ Consciousness clearly within our heart chakra, or heart centre - we hold its vibrational space within our physical and vibrational bodies. And when this is done - the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness, or 5th dimension, or clear love of God, or the god presence of all - the ascension process begins.

The completion of one step is always the beginning of a new, this is law. This happens in the last life of earth, and never before. It can not, because the human is not ready yet for this step to take place. It will only come into vibrational existence as this last or beginning moment of the process of leaving being a human behind, and beginning the steps of soul embodiment, which is the process of ascension.

This 12th Ray is a great help in this process. When connected, the light vibration floods over the human, clearing that of all past and present, of lower realms, of pain, of unclear vibrations, connections and patterns of all kinds. It really is a strong all clearing vibration. This is because this Ray holds all steps and layers of all of being human, so it clears all steps and layers of all of being human. This is it. Then its clear and forceful light presence opens the areas and connections of the heart, both because of this new clarity within the human's presence or space, and because of its overall light presence of clarity expanding all it connects to into the next level of love and clarity, and then the next and the next. It really is a great tool for coming into the next level of light or consciousness, since all the steps are held here within this Ray, together with new levels of amplifying light.

"The Golden Ray", as it is called, refers to gold as the colour of humans or souls coming into complete clarity of earthly lives. When they do, their space holds the clear vibration seen as gold, as in it holds all connections clearly and of light. The Golden Sphere, or Merkhaba or lightbody, holds the colour gold when complete of earth, this is why.

This is the 12th Ray - the complete presence of the love of God - the Christ Consciousness - directed through beings into all things around them. It is the step of being or holding the Christ Consciousness clearly within or beingness.

/Erica Segerblom Yerlikaya