How to make the most of the Group Distance Healing Sessions Part I


The time of the group distance healing sessions on Wednesdays can be utilised in many different ways, according to our focus, place or level of consciousness, or if we have a specific area of our work on our minds at that time.

I wish to share a few tips on how to make the most of this work, since it is a great opportunity to reach new growth within our vibrational levels. Most of you do not realise just how beneficial these sessions can be, and I wish to teach you a few ways on how to reach that new stage of your work during this time. This post is the first post regarding this subject, and we will start with looking at the base requirements of these sessions.

Of course the sessions can be spent in a quiet time of a restful state. Resting and receiving the vibrational work, achieving whatever is coming through at that moment. This is always beneficial, there is no session without a clear state of vibrational work or without a new reach of our level. You will always gain clear benefit from these sessions when you participate. They are strong as they are, this is clear.

But, in higher levels of consciousness, our work is decided by one thing, and one thing only; our own held direction towards it. This means that if you are on the last levels of clearing or consciousness, which most of you are, since this level is required in order to receive these levels of vibration, or in order to be drawn to this clear work, I could say, then your focus and direction in connection to this work is needed. Let me explain:

On the base levels of the work of the soul, when the human comes into the want of light of their beingness, consciousness, and wishes to expand their soul's presence into their earthly state or evolution - the level where our work together starts, right? - the own strongly held want and direction, focus, towards light or soul presence is required. Required, as in it is a demand in order to proceed to higher levels. This decision, this want or choice of coming into this work, is the start of the levels of work that are focused on the soul and its presence. So this then means that this choice, this direction, this want, presence, focus - whatever you wish to call it - has to be within you for the clear vibrational work of the soul and its expansion to even be able to take place at all. Without your focus or want of it, it can not take place, since the want of it is the required base level of your held presence, in order to continue into the next phase of your evolution. On lower levels of consciousness this is not a demand, but starting with the base level of the work of the soul, it is. So this means that in order to move into these areas of work, and to move into more advanced levels, you have to be focused, attentive, and hold your own direction towards new levels of light into your beingness. It is a demand, you see, preparing your direction of focus to the much higher required states of focus coming later, on the clear levels of beingness that awaits after this state is complete. We have to hold the want of it, and we have to direct this want. This is the base requirement of this level.

So these group sessions are given for one reason; they provide an excellent opportunity to up your time spent within completely clear states of beingness. Because during these sessions you are held within a completely clear state within your presence, and within this completely clear state all the important, crucial even, work needed for your clear evolution will take place. Without spending time - a lot of time, more than you ever think is needed - within a completely clear state of your beingness, this required work that is needed in order to reach clear evolution or levels will not take place. Not on this level. Many, many hours within this clear state is needed in order for us to reach clear connections, or evolution into new states or levels of beingness. So the group sessions provide that: they give you an easy opportunity to gain more time, and therefore quicker evolution into clearer states of your consciousness. It's an easy opportunity with high gain, this is all.

On lower levels we reach new states of evolution in all kinds of ways; through creativity, joy, being within clear spiritual work of all kinds for example, but the own direction is not needed. Progress will be reached anytime when within a joyful, loving or flowing state of any expression. We do not need to hold a clear, knowing direction of a purpose of the soul's connection at that time. Now we do. This is the difference.

On higher and clear levels the knowing of and directing - holding - the purpose of making a clear connection to our soul's presence, and the want of expanding it into our presence is now required in order to move into the next phase. This is new. Now this is required. Now we have to choose this expansion into clear levels. Without this choice, our soul's presence can not appear and come into our held space or beingness. This is because as lower levelled beings we still have our own free choice, and this free choice is only to choose to stand within our god-presence or not. This is it. This is the choice, and our god-presence is our soul's presence - so it has to be chosen. This is it - this is the reason for the required direction of this time and these sessions. Since these group sessions have the purpose of working clearly towards your soul's evolution into your space, then you have to hold the direction of it. Now you see why this is important. So the base requirements of coming into these group sessions, and all my other sessions, in order to reach new levels through them, is this choice. This is an active direction, an action made by our mind's will on our inner levels. It is active, this means you have to be active within yourself in order to make it. This too is the base requirement of this level; the understanding of what an action, an active direction, of your inner planes mean. Not all actions are physical, right? This vibrational action coming from you, from your inner planes of self is what is needed as a base of this work. You need to be vibrationally active. Not active as in physically active, in physical movement, but active within your choice and your presence, your want of this work and of new levels of light within you. Because this is your space, ruled by your free will, therefore this decided vibrational action is required. Now this is clear. The first step is that you have to go within yourself and make that choice.

In the next segment of this post I will give you some tips regarding actual techniques that you can use during the time of the group sessions in order to further proceed in your work towards new and clear levels. Keep an eye out for that.

/Erica Segerblom Yerlikaya