How to make the most of the Group Distance Healing Sessions Part II


In the last post regarding this subject of how to make the most of the group distance healing sessions on Wednesdays, we talked about the clear choice of light of each being, and how this is required as a base or foundation of the clear work towards soul consciousness. If you haven't read this post you can find it amongst the previously made posts in this blog.

Now we are going to look at some ways to use the group sessions in an active way, in order to gain an even clearer result of this work. First I wish to say that these sessions are strong on their own. You do not have to do anything other than receiving them in order to gain high results. They bring deep work of clearing and they also build the higher and clear connections to your third eye, your heart centre and your causal body - your soul level - on their own. All you have to do in order to gain this work and these results is to participate, and, as we described in the last post on this subject, to use your free will to make a decision to want this light, this reaching of new levels of consciousness, new clarity and understanding, and to want to connect to your soul's presence. This is all you have to do in order to gain high results from these group sessions.

But, if you feel an urge to gain even more, to work in a more focused and directed way, if you have a strong want and direction towards the highest pace, the highest result, the strongest expansion in this now, as many of you do, since many of you hold high levels of consciousness and these levels automatically hold a strong will towards more light in our presence, since this is the point or purpose in those levels, then you can use the time of the group sessions like this:

First of all, the choice of participating will open the connection between you and the clear levels of light of these vibrations from the point in time where you make that choice and during all of the time of the sessions you have decided to attend. So if you decide to join continuously for the entire month, or if you decide within yourself to participate continuously over a long period of time, or ongoing even, then the connection between you and the clear levels of light of The Mahatma, or of the Rays of Light, or both if you attend both groups, will be open and working continuously during all of the time that you have decided that you wish to partake in this work. This means that the work continues between sessions too, during all of the time that you have decided to join. This means that it is more beneficial to make a choice, an intention, of ongoing work. This is because your intention of want towards gaining light then is stronger, more decisive, and therefore it holds a stronger direction or force towards light, which equals a stronger result.

So the first technique is to understand that your direction and your choice, now put into an action to participate, is an ongoing active connection between you and this light, for as long as you hold this intention of connecting. As long as you do, this connection stays open and you receive work of light through it, even when we don't work actively during the actual sessions.

Second, make the time of the sessions a priority. This too is a technique that comes down to your choice and direction regarding the want of light, of this work and of gaining clear connections within you. If reaching clear connections are based on the free will of each being choosing them, then how can you gain a strong result from this work if you do not hold a strong want and focus on it? How can you gain a result of light at all, if the sessions are not a priority in your mind and regarding your time, your schedule, or your focus within your mind during the time of the actual sessions? You can't, and this functions the same as with any other learning or studies. You wouldn't be able to learn anything if you were unfocused during your time of studies, so this is not strange at all. You have to be present and focused within your mind, this is all. Then, make this time each week an important time for you, because these sessions are for you. They are for your benefit only, so make this a decision in your mind that this time each week is important and a priority.

As you can see, the techniques so far are all about the direction and focus of you and your mind. This is because the own will of it is, as we said, mandatory on these levels. These are vibrational actions made within your inner planes, your mind, and this is how we perform all clear work, so this is crucial to understand and to master. The choices of your mind are actions, physical-vibrational actions. Now this is clear.

Then, regarding physical actions, the first thing to do is to prepare for each session of work. Some time before, about 5-10 minutes, I suggest that you prepare your space through making a clear connection of meditation. If you have a technique of meditation that is clear, you can use that at this time. Otherwise just counting your breaths is enough, this will make your space clear. Then, read this mantra out loud at least three times, or in groups of three for some time. This mantra is given to us from The Mahatma, through me, specifically to prepare for these sessions:

I hereby ask for my soul's connection to come into my space through this work. My soul is clear and so is my connection to it.

I become more of what is clear through this work - I become more of my soul, which is me.

Through this connection, the Divine Plan of my soul opens up before me.

I am this plan that is clear, this plan is me, and through this work I gain the next step of it.

The next clear step of my soul's clear plan is now me.

So to recap: make a decision to participate over a longer period, or ongoing period, of time. This way you will gain clear work even in the time between sessions.

Prioritise the time of the sessions, make them an important event in your mind and in your week. Be attentive during the sessions.

And finally, prepare for the sessions by directing and connecting your mind's intention towards this work. Use this mantra for some minutes before, and if you wish also during the actual session.

Start here. In the next post on this subject I will talk about specific clearing work during the group sessions.

Until then,

All my blessings,

/Erica Segerblom Yerlikaya