The difference between an active soul’s presence and an inactive soul’s presence


Today I wish to share some information on an important subject. This was channelled from The Mahatma through one of my sessions with a client a couple of days ago, but it benefits all, so I am sharing parts of it here also.

The subject is the definition of an active soul within our soul's process, and the importance of that. Let us look at the clear information from The Mahatma:

This effort is an effort of the mind foremost, and not specifically within our physical time and action. It is that too, like for instance in putting ourselves into sessions of meditation or clearing work, such as this session, and also applying ourselves in our own time to actually achieve a physical effect of time in our own sessions. But the primary focus of work is in our mind's view or presence in our everyday life and time during our day.

When we are within focused work of light, this connection is ever present. No matter what our focus or achievement in our day to day life might be. It is there, like a thought or presence, within our mind's focus, all through our time of day. It never ceases to be present in our mind's view. Being applied to all that we see or think of. It is like an ever present companion, because it is. In our mind's view we keep connecting to our soul's view as an ever present adviser on how to go about all that we do, achieve and reflect upon, in every single view, action or reflection.

When this focus is active, all of the day is spent in our chosen connection to our soul's mind and presence. Asking its advice or direction in everything we do and achieve, whenever we search for a solution or direction. It is then not a separate matter of worldly or earthly life in contradiction to our spiritual choice of connection or work towards our soul. We choose it every time, and we choose to stay connected. This is the difference between an active soul's presence and an inactive soul's presence. Do you see?

The difficult part of this work is that we can never really understand or look into the mind of another. We can - the Mahatma - since we hold the complete connection of truth to all of this universe. But you, as humans, can not. This means that you, as humans, can never really see or achieve an understanding of the inner process of a mind in spiritual work, or in the true effort in this field. You tend to look at outer effects and results, but this is not the process behind what is clear. It is merely the visible result.

Sometimes we wish to say this: humans do not see the effort behind spiritual matter, only the end result when it is clear. Thinking that the effect is in creating a physical presence or effect - evidence - that is similar in physical appearance. It is not about that at all. Physical effect - manifestation - is not about clear work or effort at all. It is simply the result of a process that is clear, that is all.

This process is not seen or sensed by other humans, since it is only present within the mind of the being that is creating what is clear. The physical manifestation is merely an aftermath, an effect of that clear process and intention. It might not be visible at all, but one thing is clear: it is not about the physical time or effort in this process. This is not what creates what is clear within you or within each human. It is about each clear choice of a clear connection in each present moment, creating what is clear. Do you understand?

Think about it; if a human chooses to participate or create a spiritual action one time each day or week, then that time is the time of effort, creating an evolution and then later an effect, as a result of that effort of time being put into motion. The result equals the time and effort equally. So one hour of time brings forth one hour worth of effect. Now this is clear: the effect equals exactly the amount of time that clarity is being put into motion within our mind and choice of time. So, if chosen directly in each moment, in each presence of time, action, choice, asking for direction, thinking of solutions etc. all through the day, then the time being spent within that clear choice of time multiplies equally, according to the time spent in that effort. Do you see our point?

So in keeping this clear choice as a presence, a companion, active throughout our day, then we spend maybe 10-14 or 16 hours within each day in clear connections and in asking for clear advice. And then, our progress activates or accelerates directly according to that.

So in this time we wish to say this: choose to spend your time in clear connections within your mind. This is a choice to make repeatedly, through each situation throughout your day. There is no situation too small or too worldly, or earthly, for this connection to be present. Think about it: all in this universe is within this universe and within this connection. Therefore, all have godly presence and purpose, and this is to be found in each stage.

Go into your mind's eye, asking for clear connections throughout each time of each day. Ask for your soul's presence and guidance. This is the effort you are looking for, and it is the difference between an active mind and a mind without clear connections to their soul's perfect guidance.

Here, all your joy awaits. It can not be found elsewhere. It is only here, in this choice in each moment in time. Now this is clear.

All our blessings.

/The Work of Light of All

The Mahatma - The Ashrams of the Rays of Light - Erica Segerblom Yerlikaya