The Second Ray of Light of the Love of God, or of the Universal Love of all


The work that I do is structured into the system of the Rays of Light. The Rays of Light are the vibrational structure of all and all things, matter, space, creation and evolution, beings, of all within this universe. So in order to work clearly within us, ourselves and within our space, and within the place and space that we are in, then we have to look at and understand the structure of the Rays of Light, in order to gain a clear understanding and a clear evolution.

The Second Ray is the Ray, or area of light, within this structure that holds all qualities of light regarding love. It is the universal love-vibration, and it is what is to be seen and held towards all on earth, and all within ourselves. This is the purpose of all our lives and time of earth, and of the time beyond this space.

Today I would like to share some channelled information regarding this subject, gained from one of my sessions with a client, where we were working with the Mahatma, and I was channelling this clear information regarding the work of the Second Ray:

The step itself - the step of love towards all, at all times - is easy to understand with our minds. We have heard it many times, seen it in all spiritual scripts and focuses of this earth, because this knowledge is its core truth that is to be mastered by all. The concept is easy. Applying it is difficult.

Where do I hold blocks of my held love of God in my core towards another? Towards places, spaces, events, beings, developments, issues, animals, things, products even? When I look at all and all things, where do I detect a block in my love? This is where my held connections do not include the godly love vibration. This is the work of now.

This Second Ray is about including all within the godly view of love. As we said, this is an easy concept to understand with our minds, but when do I not hold it and towards what? The earth holds many things, many creatures, places, humans, other beings, events through history, events of now - all this is to be seen with the godly views of love.

Look for purpose. This is the key - the purpose behind all things, events and beings. When you see it, you hold what you see in this godly view. This is the only technique. It doesn't differ from situation to situation, it stays constant. The trick is to be consistent. To know that this is the key and to apply it to all locks, one by one, focused and disciplined. It is work of time and accuracy, not of new realisations. You know what is to be known, now the work is to apply what is known to all where it hasn't been applied before.

This is the key - the consistency of this clear work already seen. There are no new techniques needed, only time, strategy and focus.

Now you know what is to be known, and all means all. So the work at this time is really to look honestly at ourselves and our own mind, emotions and connections, and then to apply the clear universal love to all. All means all, no exceptions.

/Erica Segerblom Yerlikaya