Wesak or the reach of new levels of Universal Love


In this first entry of this blog, I would like to take the opportunity to share an amazing and powerful tool of evolution, available to all:

The making of a connection to Lord Buddha during the time of Wesak, the sacred celebration of all Buddhists, in connection to the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.

This year it falls on Friday May 5th, and during this time there is a portal open to Lord Buddha, making it possible for a strong connection to be made. Lord Buddha is the master of the Love of God of all, so all connections regarding reaching new evolution within clear levels of Godlove, the Universal Love or the Christ Consciousness - these are all the same - held within ourselves are possible. But since Lord Buddha is also the Planetary Logos at this time, following our beloved Sanat Kumara, all requests of new states of evolution of our levels of consciousness are possible too. You see why this is a beautiful and strongly important opportunity, and why I wish to share it; the clear evolution of the presence of Godlove within each of us is of the highest importance in the evolution of love within all.

I will give you some examples of my work during this time for you to use and benefit from also. If you share it in any way, please state the source of this work.

So this is one way to work during this time each year:

During the day or time of Wesak, some days before and after, you can use this meditation to connect clearly, and to make your clear request of the evolution of your soul:

Go into clear meditation in whatever technique you use and find beneficial. When clearly connected to the light or clear presence of your soul, read this prayer three times:

Lord Buddha, I call you forth now, Planetary Logos and the Master of the Love of God of all.

I ask to stand before you clearly, with a clear heart and a clear connection to your held Love of God of all of the realms of this planet.

I ask to reach the clear levels of Godly Love accessible within my heart, while in physical beingness of earth. I ask to be this Love, see this Love, express and share it clearly.

I ask to be taken to the next clear levels of clear Love within my beingness, and the next clear state of my soul's evolution.

I ask this before God with all my mind, my heart, my free will and my entire beingness.

Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos and the Master of the Love of God of all, grant me this wish for the highest gain of all.

I received this prayer within a clear channeling of Lord Buddha on how to benefit our clear evolution during this time. Now you too can use it and make this connection.

As I mentioned, this time is also excellent in order to ask to reach your next clear step. You can add the following request, should you wish to:

Ask to reach and anchor the clear connection to your soul's presence, and/or the presence of clear Universal Love - The Christ Consciousness. All depending on what step or level of consciousness that you are in, and the task of that step or level. Embodying these levels are only available to soul's within the process of conclusion or ascension, and when there, these souls will know how to achieve this too.

I hope you find this useful. I will perform these meditations and requests these days, and I hope that you will too. And as Lord Buddha told me: "Levels of Love are always granted, sooner or later."

Love, Erica