What “Discipleship of The New Age” actually means Part I


I would like to explain clearly the important and frequently used terms of "discipleship" and "The New Age". These words are often used, but rarely explained or clearly understood. Since they are important for the foundation and clear purpose of all the work that I provide, I wish to explain them in a way so that it is clear what they actually mean.

Let's begin today with the term "discipleship" (lärjungaskap på svenska). This term refers to the process of ascension. Now, the process of ascension is a vast subject of its own and we will have to address that at another time, but in short this process of ascension - or conclusion, or unity, these are all the same - occurs in the very last stages of the very last incarnation of a soul's whole journey of earthly expansion. It can not be reached until then and not by will, force or any other directed action taken beforehand. It is an actual planned step of a long process of conclusion of all time of earth. It follows a set structure which is the same for all, and it is the very last level of coming into conclusion of all structures and evolution that we made within all our time of earth. It is a level of its own and will be reached by all when their planned time of this last level has come. It is not correct to refer to all spiritual work or work of clearing, or soul work, as the process of ascension. This is simply not accurate. It is a specific process.

The term "discipleship" refers to this process of ascension, to its beginning stages or steps when the human comes into the want of light or clarity of their own being. This is the first step and it is the actual, required presence of the human in order to start walking towards this process of ascension. So the first direction is the want of light, this is the base requirement. When this is wanted - clearly - the human can begin its steps as a baby disciple, or a soul in human form working their way towards the process of discipleship.

When this want of light is anchored - integrated - as actual light presence on the inner planes of the being, the next step can begin. This happens when the 6th Ray of Light anchors within the Causal Body. This is an actual step or initiation that is reached when the light presence within a being's inner planes has become strong enough through experience and clear work of vibration or light. This second step is to work towards the light of the heart centre - the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness on the inner planes, which occurs when the five needed Rays of Light in order to start the ascension process are anchored within our Causal Body. When they are, the light level of the overall light body is brought to the needed level for this ascension process to begin. When they have, the being holds the clear vibration of the Love of God - the Christ Consciousness - within their heart centre or chakra on their inner planes. And when this is reached, the process of discipleship begins, and this discipleship is the same as the process of ascension, completion or unity.

This is it, this is the process or the clear explanation regarding the term "discipleship". To come into discipleship is to come into the actual process of ascension, and the work provided here in all these sessions is the preparation needed for that.

This was Part I - keep your eye out for Part II of this post, where we will talk about the clear explanation of the term "New Age".

/The Work of Light of All