What "Discipleship of The New Age" actually means Part II


In my most recent post we started to talk about what "Discipleship of the New Age" actually means with a clear description of the term "discipleship". This post is the second part, explaining clearly the term "The New Age" ("Den Nya Tidsåldern" på svenska). We see it everywhere, but what does it actually mean?

The New Age is a term that refers to the clear process of earth coming into her new focus of that of Love of God or of the clear love of the universe. This is a new stage of her vibrational process that will occur in about 300 years, where earth will hold a new layer of love vibration within her overall presence of light, or level of vibration or frequency.

All of earth - all - is working towards this step at this time. This step will be a new level of clarity regarding the overall presence or capacity of love of all of earthly realms and all within her space - humans, beings, animals, nature, entities, projects, evolution, events etc. All will then hold new abilities of holding and expressing clear love as a result of this preparation and coming into a new era. It is the same process as with the human process, so all will come into the next dimension or level, or light quotation, I could say, holding new capacities and clear understanding of that of light and its information.

Of course, all evolution always moves this way at all times and for all. But this is a special occasion, since the light-love quotation or capacity that will be held will come into great enough levels to actually shift the held focus of earth into a new layer of vibrational focus, hence "The New Age".

Since there will be more love present - more holding it, more expressing it and greater understanding of it - then the connections and capacities within all beings, structures and societies will change towards that too. This presence will be more visual, more present and more validated. Beings will shift into this consciousness quicker, since it will be all around them in a more tangible way.

In this time, humans that do not yet hold their heart connection will reach it sooner. Humans that hold this presence will be more visible and recognised as a positive and strong force. Inner qualities will have a greater position within the overall space of societies. These will be the physical results of this vibrational shift.

In my last post we discussed the term discipleship, and we understood that it means coming into the process of ascension, or unity of all time of our evolution of earth. Now, this is a long process of many already planned and structured steps to follow, and the setup of this process is the same for all. So the humans choosing (and being ready to make that clear choice) to work towards the process of discipleship now, making this choice at this time and within this incarnation, are the ones that will achieve it within that era. And they are also the ones that will make the actual shift for all of earth possible, through their then completely clear spaces of light of their beingness within that incarnation of that time.

So the purpose of my work here and now, that is provided within these sessions, groups and readings or channelings, is this: it is to provide a clear structure and the clear information and techniques needed for the souls with a planned conclusion - ascension or discipleship - at that time. With this work now the process will be achieved then. And you, the souls that are drawn to this work now - to your connection to your soul and its presence, the work of the heart, the clear understanding of yourself, your purpose or mission, the understanding of others and the structures and reasons behind all - you are the ones that will channel these new layers of clear love vibration into all of earth, enabling this great shift into The New Age, through yourself within your process of ascension, or process of discipleship then. This is what it means - "Education and work of the soul within the esoteric tradition into discipleship for The New Age" - it is as simple as that.

/Erica Segerblom Yerlikaya