This is what some of my clients have to say about this work:

"I have taken part in Erica's work for a couple of years. I have had distance healing sessions, 1:1 sessions with the Rays of Light and an Akashic Reading. I have from the beginning experienced Erica as an incredibly knowledgeable, professional and warm person, who in a loving way has helped me through all my experiences since I started with this healing work. Because it is not always an easy journey. Many times it has been hard after the sessions, especially in the beginning. A lot of "old garbage" has resurfaced, but it has led to new insights about myself each time, and after the "cleansing reaction" is over I sense that I reached a new level, a feeling of a higher connection, periods of flow and synchronicity. When I look back at these years when I have been in contact with Erica I say with gratitude that I am not the same person as I was before. The anxiety I had is barely there anymore, My relationships have improved, I am in connection with my soul (I don't know how to better explain it) in a way that I didn't think was possible, and I look at life and my own journey here on earth in a completely different way than before. So I warmly recommend Erica and all the sessions she offers. As I said, it's not the easiest way, but the reward is greater than I dared to hope for."

"Erica's work with the Rays of Light and the distance healing sessions have for me been an amazing foundation in reaching and expanding the most important part of myself: my soul.

There was so much that opened to be healed, and with the higher dimensions came a sense of peace that I never experienced in my life.

The Akashic Reading also put me in connection with my Soul Mission sooner, and it has already resulted in an education and the development of skills I didn't know that I had."

"Since about two years I have had continuous contact with Erica for different healing sessions: Akashic Healing, Akashic Reading, Mini Akashic Reading, 12 rays of light, and some distance group healing sessions. The reason I contacted Erica was that I always have had faith in that "there is more to it than this" and I was curious to find some reliable confirmation for this. From the start I knew Erica is a totally credible and serious "energy worker". I'm a senior academic, mother/grandma/wife, not easily fooled and very sensitive about if a person is reliable. The sessions with Erica have given me more than I can express in a few lines. E.g: Faith in my gut feelings, stability and joy, a sort of fullness deep in my soul, increased self confidence. Several tools for meditation practices and self development have come from the Akashic Reading and the Mini Akashic Readings. Increased insights that we carry on in our spiritual development from incarnation to incarnation and about the clear and pure God love, the eternally present love. It has connected my spirituality with my practical daily life into one. This has improved my overall well being, my relations with family and friends, I'm sure what the mission of my life is in this incarnation. But I know my work will not finish, it will continue the rest of my life. This is crucial! Maybe this sounds too good to be true? Of course I sometimes fall into doubt, but after a meditation I'm back in faith! I know I'm resilient and receptive and of course this is helpful for personal development, but I'm very certain that every person who gets in contact with Erica will experience their own special benefit and increased well being from the different sessions that she offers. Good Luck and Love from Karin"

"When I reached out to Erica I was in a place so dark that there were days when I thought about just throwing in the towel for good. Growing up with a father who spent most of my childhood in jail left a mark on me and once he passed away I never got the chance to say goodbye. I didn't allow myself to grieve and closed up my feelings/energy like a rock until it finally spilled over. Regular medication couldn't treat my anxiety, depression or daily panic attacks. The thought about getting healing wasn't even on my radar since I used to be a rational guy who didn't believe in such "nonsense" nor did I even know that it existed. However one day out of pure coincidence (or higher guidance) I stumbled across Erica and decided to give my life one last chance. Since then my life has taken a complete 180° turn and for lack of words I can only say that it's nothing but a miracle. Friends, families and coworkers have all asked me what happened to the sad, depressed guy. I went from a radical young man to a spiritual one, from a broken down man to a strong individual who's working towards a higher purpose in life and it all started with Erica's help to heal me from within.

I wish that every person would take this leap of faith to see how powerful this stuff really is."

"I really think that the healing has helped me. Partly in handling an anger that I felt towards another person and that brought a lot of negative energy during a long period of time. Now it doesn't affect me in the same way at all. I also feel more balanced and peaceful. I have become more alert and my energy feels clearer. Why didn't I do this sooner? I highly recommend it."

"I had no previous experience or knowledge about healing. I got a warm welcome and Erica described her work clearly. I went into this with the thought of receiving help with stress related pain, but I had no idea what process that was about to take place! Already within the first couple of months I could feel a connection develop to my inner self, and my thoughts started to take a different form. I started seeing patterns in life explaining the place I was in and what situations that had shaped me and why. I experienced synchronicity or flow that helped my intuition to grow. My work with meditation has also expanded since my consciousness responds in a clearer way, and I have been given techniques through Erica and the healing work to develop further. Through the techniques I could also receive the healing work more clearly. Layer by layer I have started to see who I am, and I have begun to love myself and grow. I have healed and am healing parts and experiences of my life that have kept me from understanding who I am.

It has been deeply insightful and cleansing to clearly see what part of my life that has affected me, and to understand what to do to let go, clear and heal. The healing has cleared the haze and has given me techniques to live my life with a clear view and of high energy. It is and has been a magical journey - GREATFUL."

"I have worked with Erica during a couple of years with group sessions, Akashic Reading and coaching sessions, and it has been an important and rewarding process for me. I have changed as a person during this process, in the way I think, who I am and how I see and handle things. Before I was stressed, negative and I lost my temper or got annoyed easily. Now I am more calm, more positive and I appreciate life more. I see the meaning behind all things, both the positive and the negative. I see that they have a purpose, and I see that there is a greater plan behind it all.

I also learned about my Soul Mission and this was greatly insightful and a recognition of what I feel I have to do in life, who I am in a greater perspective, and that our actions in daily life have a far greater purpose than just what meets the eye."

"I started my journey with Erica almost two years ago. It has felt self-evident and inevitable in many ways. I am a different person today, I feel more grounded and I don't get triggered by worry or anxiety as quickly as before. This work may feel shattering and tearing at times, but Erica has always been there confirming that all is well and according to the plan. I had distance healing, worked with the Rays of Light, individually and in group sessions, and I can warmly recommend Erica, always professional, serious and confirming.

Today I feel more trusting towards life, mother earth and towards our shared future. "

"The work with Erica has given me a newfound clarity of thought and a change of perspective. I no longer think that I have to come up with solutions to the problems of life. I feel that I now trust that I will receive help from the universe if I ask for it. My task is instead to step out of my need for control, which is both easier and harder at the same time. I'm not there yet, but I'm convinced that I'm on my way. I can feel it inside me like a bud that soon will burst if I manage to let go. Before I was convinced that I needed to consider 1000 solutions on how I would make that bud grow. I tried all 1000 ways and made myself disappointed. Now I know that I get help through the healing work of Erica, and I trust that that is not what is required. That is not how life works. I often get caught up in my usual spinning thoughts, but now I recognize them and I manage to step out of them knowing where to best direct my force and to ground myself, let go and relax."