Weekly Group Distance Healing Sessions

There are two distance healing group sessions each Wednesday to join for higher energy work - The 7 Rays of Light and The Mahatma Energy. They give great opportunity to bring clear soul work into our everyday life and schedule. 

The Group Sessions are work of clear structures, providing the opportunity to work with clearing of the lower structures of human levels, in order to first reach the connection of our soul's presence or clear vibration, and in later stages continuing this work into manifesting it in physical form in our presence of earth or human life and structures.

It is the all reaching techniques of first clearing the pain or ego of this incarnation, and later through all incarnations of earthly time of our soul stream or soul's existence, in order to free our vibrational space of the lower presence keeping us from making these connections.

Then, as a second step, the higher vibrational structures from our human levels to first our higher self, and then to our soul level or causal body, will be built through the centres of our heart chakra, and our clear centre of truth, or third eye. This is the process of this work, and in time and with our presence in it, it will occur according to this incarnation's held level of consciousness and clear purpose or soul path of the true task of this time.

All this unfolds with time during these sessions; the clearing of ego or pain, as a first and important step, and then, as an effect, the building of the clear structures of higher and clear connections of the soon manifested highest level of beingness of this incarnation.

Another important aspect of the work regarding the distance healing group sessions is the building of the light grids of earth. This is an effect of us coming together within this group structure of clearly intended work of clear levels - we, together, build the light structures of earth through ourselves and our own clear work of light within these sessions. Together we create a sort of ripple effect of light presence, multiplying itself through each member of the group. Reaching further and further, assisting earth and all of earth in their - our - evolution into new and higher consciousness of Love and Light. It is the very essence of the structure of all, and it is also one of the purposes of these group sessions.

A great way of working with these sessions is to participate as much as possible and to set your intention and dedication towards light. This brings results over time.

All sessions are open for clients worldwide.

The times given are CET, or timezone of Sweden.

The 12 Rays of Light

Wednesdays CET 8-8.50 pm / 20.00-20.50



registration and payment for the entire calendar month €10/session

The 12 Rays of Light are the aspects of godly light vibration reachable from the levels of earth.

The realms of earth are this: it is the 7 Rays of Light holding all earthly expansion, vibration, education and origin or belonging of all beings within these levels. They are also the path of evolution or education held or walked through by all beings and evolution within these realms. They are all of the earthly fields and all clear evolution and knowledge within these fields. Therefore working with the 7 Rays is essential, crucial even, for all clear evolution. These Rays, and the levels of expansion they hold, are the required, mandatory fields of knowledge and expansion for all souls and beings within the path of earthly evolution. They are required, and their evolution is the expansion of all within these fields of earth. We, the Hierarchy of Light, focused on the work of the 7 rays of earthly realms wish to say this: it is work of clear levels, clear connections, providing access to truth and of clear evolution of all souls in want of clear truth and evolution. The path is always here through these Rays or godly qualities of light vibration. Seen or recognised by humans or not. Here it is seen and shared clearly, and in doing this work the clear path of earthly evolution will then be seen and shared by the participants too.

The higher Rays above the 7 Rays, in this case the Rays 8-12, are not mandatory. They are not required within a human's evolution into soul existence or conclusion - ascension - of the school of earth. But they are highly beneficial in their presence, and in making this connection their higher fields of light and their held clear qualities of the levels just above physical earth existence, hold the potential of becoming more or above, within our inner field's vibration while still in earthly fields. Their clear knowledge will bring more light and godly potential into our space. Enhancing both our clear experience of light and our connection to all earthly fields, as well as the clear connected clarity of structures beyond that.

They are the godly light vibrations just beyond our fields of earth. And when worked with clearly, they enhance just that - our own held light vibrations of the levels just beyond earth. And these connections bring a flood of light, enhancing all of our clear evolution and expansion of the levels below.

They are the path of evolution that we all are on, our vibrational form and evolution of our soul's existence, as well as our origin and belonging of qualities of light and their held expressions. In truth, this work is the clear work of all souls of earth through all our evolution or expansion, here provided in a clearly structured form. Easy to reach and to participate in. 

The structure is this: we provide a clear opportunity to reach your soul's path and vibration on the highest level of earthly realms within this work or these sessions. In joining, the soul will be connected, the path will be seen, the structures of truth will be known, since this is all held within the clear steps of each Ray of Light.

They are our godly expansion, so working clearly with these vibrations will bring us that - clear godly expansion. It is the work of earthly realms into soul existence through our path of truth of light of God. This is it.

The Mahatma Energy


CET 9-9.50 pm / 21.00-21.50



registration and payment for the entire calendar month €10/session

The Mahatma Energy is a clear vibration solely focused on bringing beings and evolution into their next clear step. This is the only purpose, and all work always holds this: the completely clear connection of that being's own soul or god-presence, and within this held connection the next step of their divine evolution or plan will appear. This means that with each connection with this vibration, each being will step into their next level of consciousness and their clear path will appear. And then with the next encounter, again the next step will appear, and so on. So each time we make this clear connection, within the clear levels of this work, a being's evolution is accelerated into the highest level reachable in that time or presence. This also means that beings of clear want of clear work of light hold no restrictions in becoming beings of the highest level of their step of consciousness or dimension.

This work is clear work of the path to soul existence, enhancing rapidly the being's presence and their vibrational field into the highest levels of consciousness reachable at that moment, and of their presence and purpose in that specific time or incarnation. In other words; each encounter or time spent within this clear work brings a being into their soul connection, and continuously into the next level of that until the earth's path is clearly fulfilled. This is the structure and purpose of this work.


All group distance healing sessions are 50 minutes and the cost is €12/session


you can register and pay for a group the entire calendar month for €10/session

For international clients the payment is done through Paypal

 Please contact me here for registration at the latest at 7.30 pm / 19.30 CET at the day of the session.



Information about the group sessions

The group healing sessions are distance sessions. This means that they are performed from a distance - I am where I am, and you are where you are, at home or some other quiet place of peace and stillness. The effect of a distance healing session is equal to a session performed physically or in person.

During the group sessions I perform healing or vibrational work on all participants of the group simultaneously during the entire time of the session. There is no other connection, physically or via phone, zoom etc. This is work of an advanced level, and the connection is purely vibrational, through intention only.

Everyone is welcome to join, no matter your previous experience or spiritual level.

Many times people can sense the energies and this work, but not always. This work is equally powerful regardless. You can read more about how to prepare for your group session below, and if you have questions about the work, the process, or if you wish to share your experience, feel free to contact me here.

How to prepare

Before the session starts, you can prepare with a few minutes of meditation or by bringing yourself into a vibrational space of stillness and clear focus. I begin the vibrational preparations of each group around 5-10 min ahead of time, and I advise you to join me and do the same.

Find your sense of focus and peace, and set your intention towards receiving work of the soul of complete clarity.

If you wish you can recite The Invocation of the Soul by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey:

I am the Soul

I am the Light Divine

I am Love

I am Will

I am Fixed Design

I am the Monad

I am the Light Divine

I am Love

I am Will

I am Fixed Design

The Invocation of the Soul was given through by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey, and it activates the soul and the soul star in preparation for clear work of light. Read it three times while focusing on your soul star, the chakra connecting you to your higher self and your soul-presence. This chakra is located about 15 cm above your head, and you might envision it as a sphere of clear, white light. The words "fixed design" are sometimes difficult to understand, but it refers to the Divine, already decided, perfect plan of your soul and your existence through eternity.

During the session the work is best received by being in a space of peace and stillness. You can sit or lie down, the most important thing is that you put yourself into a space where you are able to receive the work. This means that being active or part of other sessions during this time will not bring the highest result of your evolution. Work of the soul or of clear vibration is determined by your intention. If your intention - your will, your want, your presence within this work - is not there, the highest result will not be either. In choosing not to be present, or in taking part in other activities during the session, your result or progress will not be as strong as it would have been otherwise. The stronger the intention, the stronger the result and the pace of the process. This work is a collaboration between you and I, so I invite you to join me with your clearly and strongly set presence during all our work of light.

During the time of the session there is also the option of making the most of this clear space and the clear connections that you hold while taking part. After your work of preparation - see above - you may ask questions to your soul's presence, ask for solutions to problems and issues, or use this time of being clearly connected to the Intelligence of this universe by studying clear spiritual work, such as the readings and channellings of my or our work, of other clear studies of for instance A.A. Bailey. If you received techniques of meditation or clearing through me, then this is a good time to do that work too. The group sessions are also a great space for all creative work, since creativity is the expression of the soul.

The group healing sessions are a wonderful opportunity, so make the most of these sessions, where you are held in completely clear levels of beingness.

After the session you may stay within your clear space for as long as you wish, and for as long as you sense the connection or presence. Afterwards you may send your gratitude for the work that you received. This is important.