The Esoteric Education

Work and Education of the Soul within the Esoteric Tradition

into Discipleship for The New Age

Work of the soul according to the own held level of consciousness, as well as the higher task and work of this incarnation

1:1 Teachings within the Esoteric Tradition, vibrational work and channeling/reading

The Mahatma Energy & The 12 Rays of Light

2h / session € 135

This work holds specific requirements, see below

1:1 distance session with The Mahatma Energy and all of the 12 Rays of Light.

2 hour session - 1 hour healing and written reading/channeling, and 1 hour session over Face Time to go through the information of the channeling and the chapters and work of each step. You will receive your reading to your email after the session.

The sessions form a higher education of the self to prepare for the integration and manifestation of the soul on physical levels. Each session holds clearing of the lower bodies through energy work with The Mahatma Energy and the 12 Rays of Light, and written channeling regarding the current position and/or the held task, and/or the clear key forward.

Directions and techniques for your own work are provided bit by bit within the process, and together this forms the steps needed to move forward and to fulfill your level of consciousness.

The acceleration of light levels is automatic until fulfillment is possible. All steps within the human process are held within this work. The fulfillment is reached within the incarnation of which it is planned, not before, and each level holds its clear purpose. This purpose becomes visible through this work, and steps and techniques are shared accordingly. The soul and the fulfillment both hold a clear purpose of beingness, only reachable after the work is complete. This is that work.

During the sessions you will receive information of Esoteric terms that are the foundation of the work and process of the soul, and comprehension and knowledge regarding the structures and evolution of earth and humans.

These are some examples of the areas that will be gone through over time through the process of this work:

The higher and the lower self - the soul - to understand the expressions and the presence of the soul - the lower and the higher energy bodies - the evolution and role of the heart center or chakra - the Christ Consciousness or the universal love vibration - ego and the expressions of ego - the levels of consciousness, their structure and purpose - knowledge regarding the own process and the own held level of consciousness - techniques for clearing the lower bodies - techniques for building the higher and the clear structures - the causal body, its purpose, connection and integration - the third eye, its purpose and the integration of the third eye as a clear center of clear information - the fulfillment of the task of this incarnation - the three forces of the divine structure - the Rays of Light, their structure, qualities and purpose within all evolution and beingness - the process of unity or conclusion, or ascension

Requirements for entering and completing this education

The basic requirement of the student is to hold clear purposes and reasons as to why they wish to attain this education and connections. This is the required foundation for all in order to be granted access to clear levels of information. There can be no want of gain for self through this work, connections or material, for the student to enter and to go through each step. Access will not be given unless these requirements are held, and the education may be stopped or paused if clear purpose is not held by the student, according to the requirements of each new level of light.

The student is to work between sessions with meditation and their own studies of the given information, holding a good pace. Daily work is preferred in order for the light connections of each chapter to integrate into the light body, and access to new areas of work to be able to continue.

The student is also required to hold clear intentions and actions in connection to the material. This is an education of the own presence and of the clear evolution of each student, given from The Mahatma through me, as a clear channel. Laws and requirements regarding copyright and sharing of information are to be respected as the clear physical aspects of clear structures of this work. This falls under the same criteria as mentioned above, regarding clear intentions and the requirements and effects of that. It is not permitted to share, used or reproduce any part of the material at all, in any form, in a commercial manner, i.e in your own work of for instance sessions, written or oral material, classes or courses. The Esoteric Education holds the purpose of preparing for, reaching and eventually gaining soul consciousness, in order to contribute in the clear work of light of all, through your own clear work, specific task and presence.