Work of Service

In addition to our clear work of sessions and of channeling, I, Ana Melkizedek, together with The Hierarchy of Light and The Work of Light of All, provide two opportunities of clear soul work in a greater project of service of Light into All, with the purpose of sharing light, clarity and the divine or universal plan into earth and humans.

This work is part of my and our work of service or devotion, and therefore, they are free of charge as a gift and contribution to you, who holds the want or intention of light.

Everyone is welcome to participate.

The Letters of The Universe

The Letters of The Universe is a project of clear channeling from The Hierarchy of Light through me, Ana Melkizedek, that is sent out via email in the beginning of each month. The channeling is focused on clear information about, for instance, the structures and laws of this universe, the soul and the work of the soul, the divine plan, light work, light levels etc. The texts also hold light codes that are received by the recipient each time of reading.

Information about this work and registration is found here.

Group Distance Healing Session each Wednesday- The Mahatma & The 12 Rays of Light

A distance healing group session is available each Wednesday, to use as a part of your clear soul work and clearing work, and also as a part of a greater project where we together, through the group, build the light net structures of earth.

Information about this work and registration is found here.