The Letters of The Universe

In the beginning of each month, a channeling from The Hierarchy of Light is sent out via email. This project is called The Letters of The Universe.

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Introduction to The Letters of the Universe

channeled from The Hierarchy of Light in January 2024

We are the Hierarchy of Light of this solar system, connected to earth through our work and focus of the light and love of God coming into earth and earthly evolution.

We oversee all earthly structures coming into place at each time, in earth's and in your evolution. Each step coming into place is within the plan of us. We oversee the process of earth and of you, humans, and of you, each person reading this information. We hold you in each step in time, making sure it all comes into place at the very last minute in time. Until then, we all create this earth's and universe's evolution together, you and us, and I as the channel of this work and project.

It will all unfold in each minute or step in time. Do not think otherwise. There are no moments in time - yours or ours - outside of this plan in each universal minute, in the eternal plan of all time. All your minutes in time are held in the plan of All. This is good to remember or to know - that you and all are held, in each moment in time, in the clear plan of All of this universe. Humans tend to think that not all moments count, but they do. Each moment in your life and time is within this plan of All. Now you know, and today we wish to say this:

We are the Hierarchy of Light at this minute. But some day, you will be too, since that step is a step in each plan of all. You will also be held here, in the Hierarchy of Light, in a future moment in time. You see, the plan for all that exists is to travel from the beginning of all universal time through all universal minutes, or levels, or dimensions if you prefer, going through them all. The very first are in complete non-light, or in dimensions of no held light at all. Then, with further traveling in time, with further expansion of each soul, we gain further light into us, ourselves, through this expansion. We build the presence of our soul through each lived moment in time, until we exist in the clear moments in time when we are all that we have gained regarding light or love, within each previous minute of existence or traveling. When this time comes, we are only that of love or light, or God, and our further traveling or experience is then clear, or in the expression of devotion to further processes of light or God only.

This is a specific plan or point in our universal time to reach, each one of us. We already have, and at some point in time you will too. At that point in your expansion, we will greet you and you too will join our work of further expansion of the connections of light of earth and of humans. You too will join this work of the plan and structures of God, at that perfect minute in the plan for you.

When you do, we are here and you will join us, seeing what we see here today - the earthly grids of humans and light, coming together in one motion of frequency. It is a beautiful thing or movement, this expansion of light, and you are within it.

Through each letter, each month from now on and for a long time, we wish to share information of what is on our minds, that we wish for you to see too. Each letter holds vibrational expansion and connections, received or sent to you, its readers. So each month, or each time you receive this letter, we will send light codes through it to you. This is really the point of these letters - we will activate light codes of clear evolution through them into you. Bringing light into you and your physical life, connecting you to your highest expansion or timelines of the highest possible love in each moment. But the reason is also to further connect these codes of light and of love beyond your physical presence into the structures of earth. So it really is this: each letter, each month, or at each point in time that they are read, activates codes of universal god-presence into your space, life and presence of now. This is the benefit for you, in each time and letter. Then it further expands beyond this point in time, and beyond each reader of these letters, as manifested light into the grids of earth and earth's plan of expansion. We now have the opportunity through you and through these letters to further expand light into the grids of earth. You are the holders of these grids through these letters. Know that we are grateful for this opportunity of expanding the love of God into earth through you. This is what has happened today.

Furthermore, we will discuss other matters that are important for you to know, but we start with this today.

You will, one day, be a part of this Hierarchy of Light too, as all will, according to each plan of God of All. At this time, you are part of receiving this matter of universal love coming through you into the grids of earth and All. So from now on, you are already a part of this project.

Thank you and welcome.

The Mahatma - The Ashrams of the Rays of Light - The Ascended Master of the work of Light coming into All

- The Hierarchy of Light -

focused on the plan of Light of All coming into earth

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